We take the issue of E-safety very seriously. We use an internet filter called Studysafe that protects our children from accessing harmful content online.  

Using the internet is part of children’s lives just as it is for most adults. Children can be vulnerable when they are online and we are constantly reminding them about ways to keep themselves safe. Sometimes they don’t realise that their online behviours are risky so it is essential that school and home work together to keep our children safe.

If you have concerns about anything that has happen online, please report it to CEOP:


Please see below for websites which can support you to keep your child safe:

Please see below for websites which can support you to keep your child safe:

This site gives information on parental controls for windows PCs, Xbox and mobile devices. Allows filtering and time control for children’s internet access with email reports to parents of their children’s internet use.


A great website which explains social media and how to monitor children’s safety online. Easy to understand with step by step, clear instructions and information.


NSPCCs excellent website about popular social networks.


O2 work in partnership with the NSPCC. You can take your child's phone/tablet into any O2 shop and they will ensure the privacy settings are secure free of charge - even if your child doesn't use O2 as their provider. 

Please see below a parental controls booklet that will enable you to set restrictions and has the latest updates on the apps that the children are using:


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Please find below some documents to help keep your child safe online

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