Please see our presentation that shows our curriculum design.

Our curriculum intent. 

Agreed through work with all staff, Governors and members of the PTA. January 2018

What do we want for our children 

We would like them to be: We would like them to: We would like them to: What we would like them to say as they leave:

Confident  Enthusiastic

Proud Inquisitive 

Aspirational Accepting

Resilient Collaborative

Ambitious Determined

Successful Happy

Self critical  Driven

Independent Courageous

Negotiators  Healthy

Kind Honest Caring 

Open minded

Polite/well mannered


Problem solvers

Intrinsically motivated

Creative thinkers


Understand the value of hard work

Know the value of things

Have support from home

Have opportunities

Have opportunities

Have and awareness of self, others and the world

Have made good friends

Feel, and be, successful

Live by their own set of values

Be able to form healthy relationships


Feel important


Life skills for the modern world & the future

Leadership skills

To be able to read, write, manage money

To speak confidently

As much knowledge as they can about everything e.g. other cultures, business skills

High academic standards

Their dreams


People listened to me

I felt important

I enjoyed it/it was fun

I feel proud

 I have good memories

I had lots of opportunities

I was engaged

I learnt in innovative ways

I was challenged

I succeeded

I achieved all my goals

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Headteacher | Lisa Powell