Weekly Blog Friday 9th February 2024

Date: 9th Feb 2024 @ 12:36pm

Half Term next week

Don't forget it's half term next week. We hope everyone has a lovely week, whatever your plans, and we will see everyone back in school on Monday 19th February.



Every week in our Celebration Assembly, we celebrate the class who has achieved the highest attendance for that week. This week, Mrs Wood & Mrs Ward's class had the highest attendance with 97.08%! Well done Reception!

Please see below for the attendance figures for this week. The target attendance for all children is currently set at 97%.

Attendance for this week

Nursery - 93.33%

Reception - 97.08%

Year 1 Mrs Singh - 94.69%

Year 2 Mrs Davies - 95.83%

Year 3 Miss Scott - 91.32%

Year 4 Mrs Wood - 96.71%

Year 5 Mrs Pickersgill - 96.30%

Year 6 Miss Dunn - 83.07%


Celebrating fantastic attendance!

This term, we want to continue to celebrate our children's fantastic attendance. As you are aware, each class with 100% attendance on a particular day will receive one letter from the word MAYFLOWER to put on their classroom door. Once a class has spelt out the word MAYFLOWER, a member of the class will bring all their letters down to the office to claim their prize from our box of Awesome Attendance Activities! 

This week, the classes have done amazingly well and lots of letters have been given out. Please see below where each class stands at the end of today:

Nursery - M A Y

Reception - M A Y F L O W

Year 1 - M A Y F L O

Year 2 - M A Y F L O

Year 3 - M A

Year 4 - M A Y F L O W

Year 5 - M A Y F L

Year 6 - M A Y F L O

The children are loving coming to the office to claim their letters and seeing the word MAYFLOWER building up on their classroom doors. Some classes are so close and we are sure that during our first week back after half term one or more of the classes will be celebrating and receiving their prize. 


Attendance Monitoring

Attendance is something we monitor closely here at Bawtry Mayflower and this week we held our half termly attendance monitoring meeting. Following this, attendance and late letters will be sent home during the first week back after half term; these will be sent with the children addressed to a parent/carer at home. These letters form part of the local authority’s and school’s attendance policy and are a way of ensuring that you are kept informed of your child’s attendance when this drops below or continues to be below the expected level of 97%.

Leadership and staff here at the school are very aware that at times absences cannot be helped for example if there has been a medical appointment or short illness taken place. However, we have a statutory duty to provide regular updates on children's attendance.

Holidays, as you are aware, cannot be authorised in any circumstances other than those stated on the back of the local authority’s holiday form. 

In regards to illness and absence from school, please click on the link below to view the most up to date guidance from NHS England.

NHS guidance on absence from school


Stars of the week

Each week in our Friday Celebration Assembly, we celebrate our stars of the week. Each class teacher chooses 2 children from their class each week who have really impressed them. Please see below for who has been chosen this week, together with the reason for them being chosen. 


Nursery & Reception

Archie for joining in with small group activities, he has been taking turns with other children and following instructions. 

Fox for improved listening skills in Read, Write Inc, its been lovely to see Fox's willingness to tidy at the end of the session. Well done Fox!


Year 1

Rares: Well done, Rares! You are ever so polite and always so keen to help those around you. Your confidence has grown in taking responsibility and pride in your learning. You help others by making sure they are following our school rules too! Keep up the good work. 

Thomas M: Thomas, you are a fantastic role model in our Year 1 class, as you always make sure you are following school rules. You are very supportive of your peers and promote them to make the right choices too. Well done and keep up the good work! 


Year 2

Thomas -  for being an all round superstar this week. He has tried really hard to be respectful, be kind and work hard. Thomas has gone out of his way to help others with their work by sharing his knowledge and skills (especially his amazing spelling).

Ella - for being a wonderful, supportive and caring member of the class. Ella is always kind, always respectful and always tries to do the very best work she can. Ella goes above and beyond to help others in the class, from sharing her knowledge and skills to zipping up coats and organising the classroom. Thank you for being you, Ella!


Year 3

Layla - Layla always helps other children in our class, if they need help with work Layla is one of the first people to offer to help. I can always rely on Layla to help her peers and staff when needed, sometimes I don't even need to ask as Layla has seen someone who needs help and automatically gets up and helps.

Rose - Rose is always the first to ask if I need anything doing or any help with a job. In class Rose is very quick to help her peers with their work, she takes it very seriously and always wants to help as many people as she can. Rose is a fantastic help to her peers and the adults in class. 


Year 4

Katie - Katie is helpful every day. She helps other children in class and no job is too much trouble for her. She helps adults in class with many jobs and she has shown that she is incredibly reliable. Katie demonstrates how kind, helpful, respectful and considerate she is in class every day!

Darcy - Darcy is helpful in lots of ways every day. She notices when something needs doing and either does it or offers to do it. She is kind to the other children and always offers to help when they need it. Other members of staff have noticed that Darcy always holds the door open for them. Darcy demonstrates how kind, helpful, respectful and considerate she is in class every day!


Year 5

Alicia is a helpful member of our class. She does things, without being asked, to make our classroom and school a nicer place to be. She regularly pushes chairs in, tidies up resources and helps other children to put things away. Thank you for all you do Alicia.

Max is a helpful member of our class. He always does more than his fair share to tidy away resources and never complains when other children leave things out - he just puts them away with a smile on his face. Max holds doors open for adults and other children and treats others the way that he would like to be treated. Thank you for all you do in our class Max.


Year 6

This week in school, we have been focussing on helping others. The adults across school have been looking for those children who are kind enough to take the time to help others when they need it. This week's Stars of the Week in Year 6 have been chosen with this in mind.

Sebastian - Seb is a kind and caring member of Year 6 who always helps others when they need it. He works well with lots of different partners in the class and shows good collaboration in lessons. Seb offers his ideas and advice and always ensures that he listens to, and values, the thoughts and ideas of others. He helps children from other classes when they need it, during break times and lunch times and he always helps to keep the classroom tidy.

Ella - Ella is a kind, thoughtful and considerate member of the class who is always offering to help others. She helps children with their work in lessons, ensuring that she supports others to be able to complete their own work. Ella always asks adults if they need anything doing and she will give up her own time at breaks and during lunch to do whatever is asked of her, often putting the needs of others before her own. 


Headteacher Award

Each week in our Celebration Assembly, Mrs Powell chooses someone who has really impressed her during the week and presents them with her Headteacher Award trophy. This week’s superstar award goes to Max in Year 1. Max is always so kind and respectful to others. He also has the most amazing beaming smile which lights up any room. Well done on this award Max, you really are such a positive role model for everyone in school and brighten everyone’s day with your cheery attitude and fantastic smile!


Makaton Sign Of The Week

The children have recently started learning Makaton's 'Sign of the week' each week. Each Monday, the children learn the new sign for that week. We thought it would be useful to share the following week's sign with parents/carers on our Friday blog so you can get involved too if you wish. Please click on the link below to see the sign that the children will be learning next week.



Sign Language - should we learn more of this in school?

Primary Picture News Resource England - 12th February - Learning to sign-page-0.jpg


Family Learning sessions in school after half term

Chatterboxes Flyer Bawtry Mayflower (003)-page-0.jpg

Maths Superstars!

Our Maths Ambassadors have been awarding a Maths Superstar Trophy or stickers to children in each year who have been identified as being a superstar in maths this week. They are looking for children who are working really hard in counting and in times tables.

The children who have been recognised this week are:

Foundation - Nova

Year 1 - Connor and Thomas M (it was so difficult to choose just one!)

Year 2 - Jacob

Year 3 - Edward

Year 4 - Sophia B

Year 5 - Kaylan



Well done to Mia in Year 1 who was recently awarded a medal in her gymnastics class for listening really well and working very hard. This is fantastic Mia! What a fabulous achievement, although we're not surprised as listening and working hard are what you do here at Mayflower every single day. Well done!



Thomas and Mason, both in Year 3, passed Level 2 survival skills at swimming recently. They had to learn techniques and safety aspects to save each other! Well done Thomas and Mason - what a brilliant achievement! Knowing how to be safe in the water and how to help our friends is a really important life skill that you will always have now. Plus it looks like you both had a great time while you were learning, which is lovely to see!




Congratulations to Rares in Year 1 who was recently awarded his 5 metre swimming certificate. That's a very long way to swim Rares - how amazing! Well done!


We have lots of super swimmers here at Mayflower! Henry in Year 1 was recently awarded his Water Safety Skills Level 3 certificate at his swimming lessons. Well done Henry! Keep up the hard work!



Here at Mayflower, we work really hard to foster a love of reading in our children. Some of our children have recently been awarded certificates for really pushing themselves to read at home every night. It is lovely to hear that everyone reads at different times - some children read in the morning to their younger/older siblings, some read when they get home from school whilst others read at bedtime with their families. One thing that connected all the children we spoke to, regardless of the time of day that they were reading, was that they enjoyed sharing books with their families. Keep up the hard work everyone!





Recognition Board Success

Congratulations to the children below who have received their Recognition badges from Mrs Powell recently. They all got their names under all 3 categories on the Recognition board - Work Hard, Be Kind and Be Respectful. Well done everyone!

If your child has been awarded with their Recognition Badge recently and hasn't yet appeared on one of our Friday blogs, please email admin@bawtrymayflower.doncaster.sch.uk and we will make sure we celebrate their success on one of our future blogs.

Rec Board 1.jpg


Craft Fun!

The children who attend our Craft after school club are having a brilliant time. Mrs Aiston and Mrs Agus have produced the most  amazing crafts for the children to participate in and the children really look forward to their weekly sessions. 






Girlguiding Thinking Day

We have been contacted by Janet Symonds, the leader of Ranskill Brownies and Rainbows. Janet has let us know that on Thursday 22nd February it is Girlguiding Thinking Day, when thoughts are centred on girls around the world.

If your child is part of a rainbow, brownie or guide pack, they are welcome to come in their rainbow/brownie/guide uniform on Thursday 22nd February to celebrate Thinking Day. Their teachers are aware that they may come in their rainbow/brownie/guide uniform that day.


PTA Newsletter

PTA Newsletter 1.jpg

PTA Newsletter 2.jpg


Family Support

Please see the information below from the Your Place team.

Dear families, should you need any support over the school holidays, please contact your local Your Place team on 01302 736644 or email Yourplaceyourfamilyteam@doncaster.gov.uk or visit in person at Denaby Tom Hill Youth Hub Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm.

Your Place can support with many issues including finances, housing, employment, wellbeing and much more!

Info for parents and carers.png

Yellow box Flyer-page-0.jpg


Remake Learning half term event

Mexborough Remake Learning Event Flyer - FINAL V2.jpg


Half Term Pancake Fun!

final pancake party (1).jpg


Messy Church is back at Mayflower!

Bawtry Messy Feb 2024 final (1).jpg


Upcoming PTA events

Please see below details of the upcoming PTA events for the rest of this school year. In addition to these, our PTA will also be holding their Mothers Day Shop on Friday 8th March and there will be discos on Thursday 4th July (posters to follow for these).

Please support these events if you are able, as our PTA raises valuable funds to provide additional experiences and treats for our children. If you can help (for even a short time) before or during any of the events, please contact Kirsty (PTA Chair) on 07787 570844. 

PTA Bingo.jpg

Years 3 and 4 Social 14th March 2024.jpg

Years 5 and 6 Social 14th March 2024.jpg

Eater Egg Hunt 28th March 2024.jpg

Fathers Day 13th June 2024.jpg

Summer Fayre 20th June 2024.jpg

Colour Run 18th July.jpg


Bawtry Community Event

Bawtry Festival 16th March 2024.png


Lunch Menu for week commencing 19th February 2024

Please see the menu below for the first week back after half term. There may need to be last minute changes to the menus on occasion, to take into account availability of items or delivery issues.

Menu 2023 Week 3 (a).jpg

Diary Dates

Please see below our current diary dates. It may be that there are dates on here that involve your child that you haven't had any information for yet. Please don't worry, information will come out in plenty of time prior to the date concerned. Dates that have been added since the last blog are shown in bold.

Friday 9th February - last day before half term

Monday 12th February to Friday 16th February - half term

Monday 19th February - first day back after half term

Wednesday 21st February - Young Voices concert at Sheffield Utilita Arena this evening for our choir children

Friday 23rd February – Year 1 workshop 2pm – Phonics and the phonics screening check

Monday 26th February - meeting for Year 4 parents regarding the Multiplication Tables check 3pm in the Year 4 classroom (change of date - was originally 8th February, but was postponed due to the weather) 

Tuesday 27th February - Year 6 visit to Crucial Crew

Friday 1st March – non-uniform day. Donations of easter eggs, mini eggs, easter chocolate shapes etc requested please to go towards our Easter raffle.

Friday 1st March – Key Stage 1 Maths workshop 2pm – addition and subtraction

Monday 4th March to Friday 22nd March – raffle tickets on sale for the Easter raffle. Tickets available in class and from the school office (except Tuesday afternoons when the school office is closed)

Wednesday 6th March - Tea and Talk parent drop-in session 8.45am to 9.45am

Friday 8th March - World Book Day

Friday 8th March - PTA Mothers Day Shop during the school day - further details to follow

Friday 8th March – Key Stage 1 Maths workshop 2pm – multiplication and division

Monday 11th March - English Touring Opera in school -  'The Big Stink'

Tuesday 12th March - Year 6 Spelling Bee at Hill House 6.30pm - further details to follow to those parents/carers of the children involved

Wednesday 13th March - Year 6 at STEM event at Queen Elizabeth's High School

Thursday 14th March - Year 3/4 PTA Social 3pm to 4pm - further details to follow

Friday 15th March – Comic Relief – non-uniform day. Children can wear a red nose/Comic Relief t/shirt or just non-uniform. No donations requested (families to make their own donations directly to Comic Relief should they wish to donate to this cause).

Monday 18th March to Friday 22nd March – Ageism Action Week – further details to follow

Monday 18th March – Family Quiz 3pm – further details to follow

Tuesday 19th March - parents evening - further details to follow

Wednesday 20th March - parents evening - further details to follow 

Wednesday 20th March - Rocksteady concert 10am (for those parents whose children are taking part in the Rocksteady music sessions). Change of date and time due to change of Rocksteady day.

Thursday 21st March - Year 5/6 PTA Social 3pm to 4pm - further details to follow

Friday 22nd March – elderly residents to be invited into school from 1pm to spend the afternoon with the children (playing board games, chatting etc). Refreshments to be served.

Monday 25th March – Easter raffle to be drawn during assembly

Monday 25th March - whole school Easter Bonnet competition and parade - further details to follow

Wednesday 27th March - Early Years craft morning - further details to follow

Wednesday 27th March – Year 1 to Year 6 Easter Church Service at St Nicholas’ Church.  Leaving school straight after morning registration. Family members welcome to walk to and from church with us.

Thursday 28th March - last day before Easter holidays

Thursday 28th March - PTA Easter Hunt during the school day - further details to follow

Friday 29th March - bank holiday - school closed

Monday 1st April to Friday 12th April - Easter holidays

Monday 22nd April to Wednesday 24th April - Year 5 residential to Caythorpe

Tuesday 23rd April – Boggledybooks Children’s Bookshop in school

Monday 6th May - bank holiday - school closed

Monday 13th May to Friday 17th May - Key Stage 2 SATs tests

Wednesday 15th May - Tea and Talk parent drop-in session 8.45am to 9.45am

Thursday 16th May - Year 4 Hollowford residential parents meeting

Thursday 23rd May - class photos (change of date from 15th May due to Key Stage 2 SATs)

Friday 24th May - last day before half term

Monday 27th May to Friday 31st May - half term

Monday 3rd June to Friday 14th June - Year 4 multiplication checks to be completed during this 2 week period

Monday 3rd June - Training Day - school is closed to pupils

Tuesday 4th June - Training Day - school is closed to pupils

Wednesday 5th June to Thursday 6th June - Year 4 residential to Hollowford

Monday 10th June to Friday 14th June - Phonics screening check Key Stage 1

Wednesday 12th June - Tea and Talk parent drop-in session 8.45am to 9.45am

Thursday 13th June - PTA Fathers Day Shop during the school day - further details to follow 

Thursday 20th June - Sports Day - further details and timings to follow

Thursday 20th June - Summer Fair straight after school - further details to follow

Wednesday 3rd July - Tea and Talk parent drop-in session 8.45am to 9.45am

Thursday 4th July - PTA Summer Disco - Year 1/2 3pm to 3.45pm, Years 3 to 6 4pm to 4.45pm - further details to follow

Tuesday 9th July & Wednesday 10th July - Year 6 transition days at The Hayfield School - further details to follow

Wednesday 17th July - Rocksteady concert 10am (for those parents whose children are taking part in the Rocksteady music sessions). Change of date and time due to change of Rocksteady day.

Thursday 18th July - PTA Colour Run - further details to follow

Friday 19th July - last day before Summer holidays

Monday 22nd July - Training Day - school is closed to pupils

Tuesday 23rd July - Training Day - school is closed to pupils





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